I've been designing for Tech & Advertising for awhile now.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — ComeUntoChrist.org
Sr Product Design Engineer (TEKsystems)

Support Design efforts to provide messaging and teaching requests to a global audience.

Meta Messenger Design System Leadership Team
Product Design Engineer Adv Prototyping (TEKsystems)

Created deeply immersive prototypes for use in qualitative user testing and stakeholder buy-in.  See project press release here. Worked with Source of Truth team to maintain continuity between React codebase and Figma design libraries plugins.

Hot Cocoa

Design & Development consultancy supporting start-up companies & non-profit community organizations. We have helped multiple clients with projects that garnered attention from national media outlets like the Wall Street Journal & NPR.

Ian Farr MFT, PPS
Psychotherapist at Two Chairs

Jac acted as a consultant on the development of my professional website. I relied on Jac to give me pointed and direct feedback. He offered very creative ideas in regards to my Logo as well as particular presentation issues with my website. The result was a much improved product and innovative direction for my online business. I would happily recommend Jac. His creative and artistic aptitude would be an asset to any organization or project.

Sean Marshall
Digital Marketing Growth

Jacob is one of those guys who you definitely want to know. His career history is one that includes all sorts of title including the word, "creative". This is very appropriate as Jacob is extremely creative!He has a unique view and way of seeing things that many can't.If you're looking for someone to bring a new, creative pizazz to your firm, Jacob is a great choice!

Rob Ludlow
Serial Entrepreneur

I needed a creative thinker, someone who could take my muddled ideas and craft tangible results. I've tried so many "freelancers" and most needed babysitting. Jac got the job done and exceeded my expectations. He's talented and is dedicated to helping his clients succeed. Bottom line: I exponentially increased the sales of my products using his designs.

RedIQ—A Berkadia Company
Sr Product Designer // Mentor

At redIQ we are building the future of CRE SaaS tools, to accelerate the valuation process for multifamily commercial real estate transactions. On average we cut the time for property valuation by over 50%.
Recognition: 2019 RETAS—2nd place Valuation

Andrew Palmer
Data Architecture and Continuous Improvement Leader | MSBA | MBA

Jac is a top notch design thinker. He brought a calm demeanor to high stress meetings with engineering and is great at articulating and explaining designs and the reasons behind them. He has a great personality for running workshops and cultivating out of the box thinking. I would confidently recommend Jac for a position that requires innovation and group collaboration.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — WISE
Sr Product Design Consultant (STG Consulting)

I was contracted as an embedded Design Lead to an international education platform project for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In this role I performed formative user research to gain insights to instructor and faculty needs. I built prototypes to utilize in user testing to validate proposed solutions. Iterated. Acted as a contributing member of the parent corporation Design System team. Collaborated with other corporate teams to facilitate strategic integration across multiple products and services.

Symantec — BlueCoat Systems
Sr UX Design Engineer

Responsible for user research, creating wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes, to enable product convergence and extension for multiple network security and forensic products. Interacted with clients in the Department of Energy, NASA JPL, and several community banking organizations.

Weston Cerny
Sr Software Engineer

I have worked with Jac for over 2.5 years at BlueCoat/Symantec. It seems to me that UX Designers are always trying to prove their worth to management, but never to the actual developer who relies on them wholeheartedly. I am a Senior Web Engineer and found that I relied on Jac. Jac in turn was 110% reliable and provided direction and help with every twist and turn of the projects we worked on together. Not only was Jac technically capable of any project or problem we had, he was also very patient in explaining and working with others. Jac was hard working and would think about problems over night and come back with better solutions.

Director of User Experience

SubConnect is a SaaS product that provided more clarity around the payment and lien waiver processing for Contractors, Sub Contractors and Suppliers. I was responsible for formative research, design process and delivery, an information architecture.

Hyper X Media
Senior Digital Producer / UX UI Architect

Hyper X Media is one of Salt Lake City's elite digital marketing agencies. It was my responsibility to make sure the experiences we created met and exceeded our clients' expectations by implementing solutions that worked across the multitude of interfaces in their digital marketing campaigns.

Affinity Amp
Co-Founder / Creative Director UX

At Affinity Amp, we provided a platform that allowed organizations to build and deploy modular mobile and web-based applications. My responsibilities included leading a small design team and collaborating with a cross-functional development team to create new modules for our platform and custom apps.

Andy Pereira
Director, Mobile Development at IHG

Jacob was a person that I always knew would get the job done, and do it well. I can recall on several occasions personally witnessing Jacob sacrificing his time out of devotion to seeing his company succeed, and that his best work was put forward. He would be a great asset for anyone to have.

Beth Moote
Mobile Software Engineer at RentPath (Formerly PRIMEDIA)

Working with Jac was a true pleasure in a high pressure environment. Jac is thorough in his approach to problems, and his design skills were, on occasion, what kept our company on track to the next milestone. Jac's personal charisma and level-headed work ethic fostered creative solutions and boosted morale consistently through demanding projects. I would highly recommend him to any team that would like to succeed in the technology industry.

David Edwards

Jac has a unique way of looking at communication from the creative standpoint and is not afraid to think out of the box. I found it refreshing to have someone challenge traditional thinking and constantly say "what if we did it this way". If you are looking for someone that will give you an honest and different perspective on your project I would definitely consider engaging Jac.